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glamour studio (sleeps 1+2)

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Sleeps: 3


This beautiful apartment is situated within the Palazzo Peruzzi complex which dates back to the end of the 13th Century (circa 1280 A.D.)


Entrance (wardrobe). A stair leads to the living room with double sofa bed and kitchen corner (electric fires, fridge with freezer, microwave). Two more steps and you reach the open single bed  (cm 120x190)

Facilities: Tv, Toaster, Coffee machine, iron board, hair dryer, hot air heating, air conditioning.

An interesting feature of this Palazzo, from both an historic and architectural point of view, is that it was built on the perimeter of the Roman Amphitheatre constructed under Emporer Adriano in approx 120 A.D.

This grand, oval-shaped Amphitheatre with its 60 sides, grouped in 8 main sections, had a seating capacity of 20,000.  Although Florence flourished during the Roman Empire, the city was unfortunately largely destroyed around 450 A.D. by Totila and the Ostrogoths leaving the area around the amphitheatre uninhabited for a long time. 

The vast complex was hence left to ruin and was then mainly used as a supply source for building materials.

It is very likely that much of the original construction material was re-used, some parts werent even demolished and some have been integrated inside Palazzo Peruzzi itself; this explains why behind the plastering can be found openings, stone arches and frescos.

Today it is still possible to make out the original perimeter of the Roman Amphitheatre by following the route from the Palazzo towards via de Bentaccordi and via Torta; you will notice straight away how these streets curve round, due to the outer walls which trace those of the original Amphitheatre

It was in 1280 A.D. that Palazzo Peruzzi was built, or rather the group of Palazzos that from via de Benci extend round towards via de Bentaccordi, via Torta and Borgo de Greci.

Piazza Peruzzi (the square), accessed from the archway in via de Benci, creates the sense of a village courtyard la corte dei Peruzzi (which you can spot by looking out of apartment window to the right).

Here however I will stop, and invite your imagination to continue.....

Worth noting in the apartment is the wonderfully crafted large stone Corinthian capital with classic leaf design, in a perfect state of preservation.  The front of the column has been partly reconstructed due to the visible side of the original column being demolished to facilitate an easier access route! 

Also interesting to observe is what remains of the fresco on the wall under the arch in the bedroom; you can see from the painting that the fresco would have covered the whole wall.

It goes without saying that back in the 13th century, the apartment as it is now did not exist; there would have been a loggiata in its place which overlooked the internal courtyard (look for the column partly submerged in the wall). 

Some of the plasterwork is the original from when the Palazzo was built and which has since been uncovered by removing the various layers of paint accumulated over the centuries


• ADSL connection

• Air conditioner

• Kitchen


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